makemywebsites produces one of its kind web development services. We seek to understand the unique requirements of each individual website. Our development services are heavily customized to meet specific needs of every line of online business. We offer a wide range of web development services including word press, CMS website development, Joomla customization, PHP frameworks, e-commerce solutions, etc. Nidify London gets into the shoes of every client and settles to solve any problems that they face. Our proficiency, skills and strategy will help you achieve all your business objectives.

PHP programming services

PHP is the most powerful tool when it comes to web development. PHP web development will trigger a sure-shot website success of your site. We at Nidify London perfectly understand this fact totally and have therefore gathered the best PHP developers equipped with the best PHP development tools to ensure that you succeed in your business.

PHP framework

We speed up your web development process using the PH framework. This framework also helps in ensuring that your website is tight and does not have any stones unturned. The PHP framework grants the platform for the applications that have been built in PHP and hence streamlining and promoting quick application development. This help to save on time and to ensure that your site is fully developed to start gathering traffic as early as possible.

CMS Web Development

For business development, most developers prefer to use the CMS development tool. Although anyone can possess a website, we use our CMS web development tools to ensure that your website is more functional. A CMS website normally keeps its clients and visitors updated with latest projects, happenings and dates. With Joomla CMS development or word press CMS development, we assist clients to make their websites the best among millions. We help give our clients a competitive advantage and help them penetrate the highly aggressive online industry.

Web Designing

We offer several concepts when it comes to web design services to grant you a great pool of choice including web design, graphic design, logo design, brochure design and flash design. Offer comprehensive packages with all these aspects to increase the competitive edge of your website.

Web design

The first thing that any visitor will be attracted by on your website is the web design. It is what determines whether a visitor will stay or leave the page. Our web designing services grant your site a totally new feel and look. We come up with creative designs that are extremely professional, unique and very attractive. We are committed to ensuring that we capture the attention of every visitor in your website. We ensure that every message can be read at a glance to give your viewers the big picture’s impression at a go. We ensure the choice articulation of color and design to ensure everything is in line with your needs. We are also committed in ensuring that your website is in line with the products that you are offering and assumes a modern highly accessible face.